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Work with Jocelyn and you'll have the support you need to break through the barriers holding you back and achieve your goals. Whether you're looking to excel in your career, improve your personal relationships, or find greater fulfillment in life, Jocelyn's personalized  approach will help you get there.

She'll challenge you to think bigger, push you outside of your comfort zone, and provide you with the tools and insights you need to succeed.
Don't settle for anything less than your full potential. Take the first step towards transforming your life today with Jocelyn.

You are over the struggle and ready to level up

Work with Jocelyn

You are over the struggle and ready
to level up

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Are you ready to take your personal and professional growth to the next level?

If so, our group coaching program is the perfect opportunity for you! 

By joining our program, you'll have daily accountability, two live Quantum Energy webinars a week, a bi-weekly live mastermind webinar, and access to a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are all working towards achieving their own big dreams.

Our program is designed to help you make breakthroughs and achieve results you may not have been able to achieve on your own. 

You'll be challenged to think bigger, take bold action, and step outside of your comfort zones, ultimately transforming your life in ways you never thought possible.

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to achieve your goals and create the life you truly desire!

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group Coaching

group Coaching


Ready to take your business or personal life to the next level?

Join our Transcendence Mastermind Group and gain exclusive access to bi-weekly webinars with Jocelyn and the mastermind where we create breakthroughs in your business or life, as well as receive access to the Quantum Leap Group Coaching program.

With personalized attention and guidance from Jocelyn, you'll receive the support you need to reach your goals.

And with access to Jocelyn through Voxer, you'll always stay on track. Don't wait any longer to achieve the success you deserve.

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Having access to Jocelyn and her unique practice of her Quantum Energy sessions was crucial during the retreat. It was transformative and replenishing, and I could feel my body more light. There's no way to explain this experience without trying it. I recommend you try a session with her and allow her to guide you to live the life of your dreams. She was approachable and candid, and her experience with her work was notorious. Thank you, Jocelyn!

- Lety - Hawaii


Reviews ★★★★★

This is a priceless course! Jocelyn’s energy is very pure, and the space she creates is powerful, compassionate, fun and informative. I feel empowered, loved, protected, and able to cope with anything. 

- L.C. - Canada

This is a priceless course...

Reviews ★★★★★

I have never experienced anything like Jocelyn's session before.  After doing a few sessions with her it has completely catapulted my life into a more balanced, blissful state of being/existence.
The very first session I had with Jocelyn completely put me into the flow of life & synchronicity after i had a long run of being stagnant, lacking direction and clarity.
My recent session with Jocelyn (there have been 3 so far) was to align my back which in return has aligned my life.
I have tried many modalities, however I believe Jocelyn's sessions were the most effective in my life creating instant shifts/results, and really transforming my life. I feel grounded and in charge of my life and ready for what lies ahead.

- Taylor - Australia


Reviews ★★★★★

Growing up in Hawaii, Jocelyn developed a passion for an active and healthy lifestyle. She’s lived and worked in 12 different countries, and since 2014 has been providing Quantum Energy Sessions and teaching the Millennium Method to clients globally. In 2022, she founded Wellness and Metaphysical, a community-driven platform that promotes a higher level of consciousness through expos and retreats.

Jocelyn's quantum energy sessions have helped her shift her energy and mindset to create a multi-six-figure income per year. Now, she is focused on sharing her knowledge and skills through coaching and mentoring to help others achieve the life they deserve and desire. Jocelyn believes that our dreams and desires have a purpose and are our soul's way of communicating what we are meant to experience in this life. She enjoys working with clients to support them in being brave and pursuing the dream that scares them.

Jocelyn is a certified:

Millennium Method™ Practitioner + Teacher

Yuen Method™ Practitioner

Reiki Practitioner

Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programing
Advanced Practitioner + Teacher

Certified Neurological Re-patterning
Practitioner + Teacher

Certified Ericksonian Hypnosis
Practitioner + Teacher

 Life + Business Mentor and coach

About Jocelyn

 Life + Business Mentor 
and coach